Antony Attributes Rise in Infiltration to Forces across Border

With cross-border infiltration on rise in Jammu and Kashmir, Union Defence Minister AK Antony has attributed it to forces across the border, which are, the minister has said, are ‘jittery, over return of normalcy in the state.

“In 2009, violence (in Jammu and Kashmir) came down, compared to 2008. At the same time, compared to 2008, last year attempts to infiltrate has gone up. It is a matter of serious concern to us,” Antony told media persons in New Delhi.

Expressing his opinion about the situation in the state, the minister said that ‘inimical forces across the border are jittery’, for they saw Jammu and Kashmir returning to normalcy.

“If the situation continues like this, J&K will fast return to normalcy and peace. That, militant forces will not allow.

“When they realised violence level has come down across the state and tourists are coming and normalcy is coming, they started making serious attempts to sabotage the situation. That is why there are more attempts at infiltration,” he said on the sidelines of a CII defence seminar.

(Based on reports on internet.)

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