Another Probe in 26/11 Demanded following Ram Pradhan Report

The Ram Pradhan report on last year’s Mumbai terror strikes have found a failure in the line of command during the attacks, prompting police officials and politicians to demand another probe into the attacks.

Then police commissioner and his office were implicated in the report for lack of leadership. Also, report highlighted the lack of equipment and training for personnel while pointing out at the same time that specific intelligence inputs were available but not taken seriously.

However, the report doesn’t fix specific responsibility. Securities agencies are implicated in the report but no politician or bureaucrat has been held accountable.

“The police did fail but what about the administration. Nothing has been said about that,” said former police commissioner MN Singh.

With scope of the report being limited, there is strong demand for a new, larger probe to be ordered.

“I have been saying since 26/11 that a national committee should be formed to investigate the whole gamut of failure,” said former additional director, RAW, B Raman.

Even as the report findings seem inadequate, the big question now is will the state government finally make public the report it’s been hiding all along.

“I spoke with RR Patil today (Monday) and he has told me that whatever portions does not compromise national security will be made public,” claimed NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad.

But with the glaring loopholes in the report itself now more than evident, it may be a case of too little too late.

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