Another Pak Cricketer in Trouble, ex-Lover Serves Notice on Asif over Financial Dispute

As Shoaib Malik comes out of controversy over marriage with Ayesha Siddiqui by signing divorce paper, another Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif is reported to have got into an identical trouble with his ex-girl friend sending him a legal notice over a financial dispute, reported PTI.

Actress Veena Malik, Asif’s former lover, served a legal notice on him after two cheques he gave her to settle an outstanding money dispute bounced, said report.

“He gave me two cheques amounting to 11.3 million rupees as part of an agreement to clear an amount of nearly 18 million rupees that he owes me,” Veena was quoted as saying.

“But both cheques bounced and I had no alternate but to send him the legal notice as he is not even taking our calls now,” she was quoted as saying.

Veena insisted the Asif returned her money after he recently married another girl chosen by his family, said report.

The news of the marriage shocked Veena, who had been going around with Asif for over a year. She claims to have stood by him in his most difficult period of life when he was serving a ban for a doping offence, report said.

“He had promised me that once he returned to play for Pakistan he would clear up my money but unfortunately he has not done that,” she was quoted as saying.

“The cheques that bounced were for payments of Rs 3.9 and Rs 7.4 million each,” she was quoted as saying.

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