Anna going to fast on Sunday

NEW DELHI: On Saturday Anna Hazare reached to Delhi and headed straight for Maharshtra Bhavan.

The Gandhian leader and anti-corruption crusader will sit on a day-long fast at the Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

Team Anna has invited all political parties to debate on the anti-corruption Bill before the people during the rally on Sunday.

Before leaving Ralegan Siddhi, Anna addressed mediapersons, saying his movement was the ‘second struggle for independence’.

Anna said, “This is the second struggle for independence. Politicians in their greed for money and power have turned corrupt. We have to teach them a lesson.”

The anti-corruption crusader will from December 27 sit on a longer fast if a strong Lokpal bill is not passed.

“I will sit on a day-long fast tomorrow. But will sit on a longer fast from 27 December,” said Anna.

Anna has called Parliamentary Standing Committee’s Lokpal draft report an insult to the Prime Minister’s promise.

Hazare also targeted Rahul Gandhi saying, “This is a betrayal, Rahul Gandhi must be behind this. They said they would introduce a strong bill but this is a weak effort.

The Prime Minister had written to me about three issues, Pranab Mukherjee passed that on to the Lokpal Committee and now they say that they didn’t receive it. Is this how a government functions?”, said Anna

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