An MBA Gradute Killed in Police Firing in Dehradun

An MBA graduate, 22, on his way to land in his first job at the Kotak bank in Dehradun was shot dead by policemen on Friday.

Randhir’s family in Ghaziabad said that it is a case of fake police encounter. However, the Uttarakhand Police have their own story.

Police, on the other hand, said that they were doing their routine checks during President Pratibha Patil’s visit when Randhir, with two others, fought with a policeman, stole his revolver and tried to flee.

Police said that they chased the trio int the Ladpur forests near Dehradun and when one of them opened fire on them, the police backfired and in the conflict Randhir was killed with two others ran away.

But Randhir’s father Ravindra Singh has claimed that it’s a case of mistaken identity. He said that his son was innocent and had gone to Dehradun to work in a bank.

“Ask the police if he was reported in any police station. There was no complaint filed against him. In fact this was the first time he had come here. But now he will never return,” Ravindra said.

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