Amar Singh Submits Letter of Support to President

Though not solicited, SP general secretary Amar Singh has submitted a letter to President Pratibha Patil pledging support of his party to a Congress-led UPA government at the centre.

“I have been authorised and directed by Mulayam Singh Yadav, national President and Leader of the Samajwadi Party, to offer our support for the formation of UPA government under the leadership of Manmohan Singh,” Amar Singh said in the letter submitted to the President in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The SP, which could not finalise a pre-poll alignment with Congress in UP and fought elections as a part of the Fourth Front, has 24 MPs and claims the support of two independents. Other two parties of the Fourth Front were RJD and LJP.

Yadav had said on Monday in Mainpuri that his party was ready to sit in the opposition, However, Amar Singh told reporters later that SP would support the new government.

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