All Non-Congress Space in Lok Sabha Belongs to BJP: Jaitley

Seeing positive even in a debacle, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley has said that the development has paved the way for the party to occupy the entire non-Congress space in the Lok Sabh as the Third and the Fourth Front are all non-entity now.

“Within six days of the poll results Third and Fourth fronts have disappeared. Now, the entire non-Congress space belongs to BJP. We see this as an opportunity to take the challenge thrown before us,’” Jaitley said, while participating in a felicitation programme for new MPs here.

Though unhappy with his party’s performance nationwide, Jaitley was in an upbeat mood about Karnataka as it is the single state in the country to give maximum number of MPs to the BJP.

He also said that the state, which got 110 MLAs in the last assembly elections, is now ahead in 143 assembly segments. Of the 28 seats, BJP has bagged 19 while Congress has secured 6, pushing the JD(S) to the third spot with only 3 seats.

He stressed that the BJP has also galloped by expanding its vote base from 34% in 2004 to nearly 42% this elections.

“National results are below our expectations. The party will introspect, every bit will be analysized. The BJP will not shy away from reality while doing this,” Jaitley said.

Warning the ruling UPA that it would be under pressure when it goes off the track, Jaitley at the same time assured UPA that BJP would cooperate with the government to build a strong India. “Power is temporary, nation and public service is permanent,’” he said.

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