Air India Interrogates Pilot, Co-pilot in Air Hostess Molestation Case

A committee formed by Air India to look into the molestation charges framed by an air hostess has recorded the statements of the pilot and the co-pilot.

Air India put under suspension a pilot and a flight pursue yesterday, both of whom were involved in a midair scuffle on Saturday during an international flight from Sharjah to Delhi. Also, it derostered the co-pilot and air hostess.

However, Shailendra Singh, the president of the Indian Commercial Pilot’s Association (ICPA), taking side of the pilots, said that they were not at fault, for no person can barge into the cockpit to pick a fight with the pilots.

“I have spoken to the pilot and the co-pilot. They had maintained there cool. There is a certain hierarchy in the cockpit that has to be followed,” Singh added.

It may be mentioned that the incident took place in the cockpit of flight IC-884 on Saturday when the air hostess was allegedly molested which followed a mid air scuffle between the pilots and other crew members led by a steward.

After the flight landed in India and air hostess Komal Singh filed a complaint, the pilot Ranbeer Arora, co-pilot Aditya Chopra, the airhostess and a flight purser Amit Khanna were derostered by the airline management which has taken a serious view of the scuffle.

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