Af-Pak Terrorist Groups Threat to Whole World: Putin

Russian Premier Vladimr Putin, currently on India visit, has said that terrorist organizations operating from within Afghanistan and Pakistan pose a threat to India, Russian and the whole world, reported IANS.

“As far as terror groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan are concerned, it is a matter of worry for the entire region and, in fact, the whole world,” Putin was quoted as saying.

He made the statement while taking part in a video conference with businessmen from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Describing the banned terrorist groups operating from Pakistani soil as a matter of concern and a threat to India and Russian, Putin said that he understood New Delhi’s concerns on the issue, said report.

Emphasizing closeness of India and Russian to the Afghanistan border, he said that the situation in the country, violence-torn at present, would affect the security of the two countries, report said.

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