Advani Sees Verdict as Rejection of the Third Front

Rejecting that the verdict 2009 is either victory of the Congress or the defeat for the BJP, the senior leader of the saffron party has said that voters wanted to teach the Third Front a lesson for blackmailing the government.

While addressing a meet of party workers in Gandhinagar, Advani said that the voters wanted to give Congress one more chance without the CPI(M).

“The people of India have given Congress a second chance with a good majority, hoping that the party would keep all the promises it has made. The BJP and NDA which has been given the role of the Opposition will do so and force the government to fulfill their promises,” Advani added.

However, BJP leaders present in the meeting launched no attack or made any criticism on the Congress or the Left parties. Even Chief Minister Narendra Modi avoided any attack on the Congress, Sonia or even Rahul.

Comparing himself with master blaster Sachin Tendulakar, Modi said that he was being criticised for not living up to expectations of the people but not for performance.

“Sachin Tendulkar, if he is out on 90, people would criticise him for getting out so close to century. This is because people have expectations from him. Similarly, people criticise me for not living up to their expectations. Nobody has criticised me for my performance,” the Gujarat CM reasoned.

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