Advani Doesn’t Mind Nitish keeping Modi off Bihar campaign

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate LK Advani has admitted that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar kept Gujarat CM Narendra Modi out of electioneering in the state and that his party did not mind accepting it.

In an interview, Advani was quoted as saying that there was nothing wrong in accepting Nitish Kumar’s demand; they were following coalition dharma wherein needs and feelings of coalition partners have to be accepted.

“It’s not about veto power. It’s about considering which leader will be useful (for the campaign) in which place,” he was quoted as saying.
Stating that the NDA would return to power at the Centre, Advani said that the coalition might even get the support of new partners, for many parties have decided they will make up their minds only after the election results.
Refuting the recent charge of mudslinging against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said, “I only said that Singh allowed the high office of the prime minister to be devalued. His should be the last word, but Singh takes decisions after approval by an extra-constitutional authority.”
Maintaining that Manmohan Singh is “India’s weakest PM”, Advani said that he always believed that UPA government is actually Sonia Gandhi’s government, not Manmohan Singh’s.

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