1962 Warlike Situation Likely if China Continues its Policy: BJP

Training its gun on UPA government, BJP has blamed it for its ‘weak’ China policy, insisting that proactive approach should be adopted to protect India’s sovereignty.

Speaking to a press conference, BJP chief Rajnath Singh said that when China was building pressure through incursions – 1, 040 times last year and 270 times this year in addition to incursions by helicopter – to establish itself as a superpower, New Delhi was regrettably describing it as a media hype.

Referring to a Chinese think tank suggestion that asked Beijing to divide India into 25 to 30 pieces, Singh demanded that a proactive policy should be adopted to protect the sovereignty of the country.

He also pointed out that following the tripartite agreement between India, China and Britain leading to demarcation of McMohan line, there was no Sino-India border issue but it has surfaced now because of the ‘weak’ policy of the Centre, he said.

“If China continues its hegemonistic policy, a 1962-like situation cannot be ruled out,” the BJP chief said.

Mentioning the proposed diversion of the Brahmaputra by China, BJP chief said that India should force it to ink a water treaty.

The diversion of river, if carried out, would affect Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Bangladesh.

At the same time, Singh criticized the US for tripling its aid to Pakistan even though President Baradk Obama has admitted that the assistant was being diverted and misused against India.

Bangladeshi infiltration, he said, posed a serious threat in the North East, particularly in Arunachal Pradesh, whose demography would change if the Centre does not take action.

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