Digital payment can help check black money : Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that digital payments can help check black money and play a key role in fighting graft. In his monthly radio talk show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, he asked the youth to become an “anti-corruption cadre” as part of the “cleanliness” drive.

He also underlined the need for more scientists to harness technology for the benefit of the common man, while hailing the scientific community for the record launch of 104 satellites and the successful test-firing of a new missile.

The Prime Minister said people, especially the youth, should become ambassadors of digital payment schemes rolled out by the government.

“Lead this movement. Take it further as it has a very major and prominent role in the fight against corruption and black money. To me, each and every individual involved in this mission constitutes a new anti-corruption cadre in the country. In a way you are a soldier in the cause of cleanliness and purity,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister added that gradually people are “shedding their hard currency mindset” and moving towards digital currency and the youth are leading the way using their mobile phones as the new tool to make and receive payments.

In the last two months, 10 lakh people have been rewarded, over 50,000 traders have won prizes and an amount of over Rs 150 crore has been earned as prize money by people who have promoted and carried forward the digital payment campaign, Mr Modi said.

Referring to the 38th successive successful launch of PSLV rocket that placed a record 104 satellite in orbit, Mr Modi said ISRO scientists have brought laurels to the nation. He said the ISRO team had several young scientists, including women.

“After the successful mission of sending Mangalyaan to Mars, ISRO scripted a world record in the arena of space. ISRO has successfully launched 104 satellites simultaneously into space. These satellites belonged to various countries…India has created history by becoming the first country to launch successfully 104 satellites into space in one go,” he said.

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