‘Hamara Bajaj’ to Stop Manufacturing Scooter in March 2010

With its last vehicle rolling out of factory at Waluj, Aurangabad in March 2010, ‘Hamara Bajaj’ scooters will ride into sunset next year.

The Kristal, now safely the last of an illustrious line up of scooters from the Bajaj family, will meet the end of its life cycle by the close of this financial year.

“We are not developing scooters anymore. We will focus on motorcycles,” said Rajiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Auto Ltd. “As we try to become a motorcycle specialist, this is a sacrifice we have to make.”

With this, the brilliant success story of Bajaj family as a legendary scooter manufacturer which was once world’s largest in business, comes to an end.

Company’s products like the Chetak, Bajaj’s first in-house product, Super and Priya were to be found everywhere on Indian roads and used to be a coveted possession in the average Indian household of the 1980s.

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