Zardari’s ‘Exclusion of India as Threat’ Blown out of Context: Pak Minister

In what can be seen as a lack of consensus between Pakistani leaders on ties with India, the Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that President Asif Ali Zardari’s statement ‘India is no more a threat for Pakistan’ was blown out of proportion.

Kaira said that Zaradari’s statement was blow out of context and what he actually meant was that there was ‘no immediate threat of war’.

He was addressing a joint press conference with the ISPR spokerman, Major General Athar Abbas in Islamabad.

In response to the query about India’s alleged involvement in terror activities inside Pakistan and claims about New Delhi arming terrorists in tribal areas, he said that Islamabad cannot remark on this for it does not have sufficient evidences regarding this.

“We will not only raise the issue but will also take an appropriate action when a solid evidence is in hand. The government is behaving responsibly,” ‘The Dawn’ quoted Kaira, as saying.

Kaira also ruled out any possibility of shifting its troops from the eastern Indian border to the western border with Afghanistan.

“We cannot and will not do it. Pakistan could not remain oblivious to the conventional threat,” he said.

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