Yemeni Plane Crash: One Toddler Saved Alive, No Other Survivor Spotted

A Yemeni aircraft crashed in the Indian Ocean near the Comoros islands on Tuesday with 150 passengers on board. Rescue crew saved a toddler was alive while recovering some bodies from the wreck of the plane.

The Rescue crew saved a toddler alive from the Airbus 310. So far there is no information about any other passenger surviving the crash.

According to Yemeni civil aviation deputy chief Mohammed Abdul Qader, the airbus had 142 passengers and a crew of 11 on board when the plane took off from the Yemeni capital of San’a.

He said that a majority of them were from the Comoros islands on their way back to Paris. Among passengers on board were families with children and there were at least 3 babies on board, he added.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said in a statement that 66 of the passengers were French. He said that French aviation and naval support was heading to help in search operations at the Comoros government’s request.

Abdul Qader, the Yemeni official, said that bodies have been spotted floating off the archipelago and that a rescue and search effort was under way. He said Yemeni, French and Comoron officials were coordinating to investigate the plane crash.

“They spotted an oil spill 16 or 17 miles in the Ocean off the (Moroni) airport,” Abdul Qader said, adding that three Comoron boats are searching for the debris and bodies. “The wind speed was 61 kilometers per hour as the plane was landing.”

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