Worst Snow in Six Decades Freezes Airport Ops, Road Traffic in Beijing

Bracing up against the heaviest snowfall recorded in over half a century, authorities in Beijing have ordered the closure of schools and mobilised residents to help clear roads even as thousands of passengers remained stranded at airports and as many as 30 highways around the Chinese capital remained closed.

Beijing and the neighbouring port city of Tianjin recorded up to 30cm (12 inches) of snow over the weekend.

Amid fears of the cold snap pushing up food prices and straining gas supplies, residents, organised in groups are helping shovel the snow in various parts to help clear roads.

Heavy snowfall has also led to flight cancellations and delays in South Korea.

According to reports in the local media, the snowfall over the weekend in Beijing was the most the capital has seen since 1951.

The state run meteorological office has warned that temperatures in the country’s far north could fall to -32C.

Airport officials say the runways were being cleared and operations would soon be returning to normal.

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