With Conservatives Leading, Cameron Tipped to Form Govt in UK

With conservative winning the largest number of seats in UK polls, their leader David Cameron is expected to form next government on India-style coalition politics as no party won an overall majority, reported PTI.

So far, results of 600 seats out of a total of 649 have been declared and the Conservative party has won 287, Labour 237 and the Liberal Democrats 51. Independents and other parties won 27 seats.

According to rules of transition of powers, Gordon Brown, as the Prime Minister, will have the first opportunity to form a coalition government, report said.

But if he resigns after concluding that his party cannot command the confidence of the House of Commons, Cameron will be invited to attempt to form a minority government.

However, as his party and the British electorates have rejected his leadership, Brown’s attempt to stay in power by cobbling a majority will be seen as morally indefensible after his leadership.

In the meanwhile, the Conservative party indicated that it would be supported by MPs from Northern Ireland in its attempt to deliver the change, report said.

Even commentators opined that Cameron was most likely to reach 10, Downing Street, said report.

Though Labour is ideologically close to the Liberal Democrats, the two parties together cannot garner the magic figure of 326 in a House of Commons of 649 seats.

In the elections, two Indian-origin women Priti Patel (Conservative) and Valerie Vaz (Labour) were declared elected, said report.

Never in the history of House of Commons were Asian women elected as MPs.

Cameron declared that Brown and the Labour party had lost the mandate to rule after his party was clearly on course to emerge as the largest single party, report said.

Brown, on the other hand, insisted that it was his duty to ensure that Britain had a ‘strong, stable and principled’ government, which pointed towards a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, said report.

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