Violence Happens in Big Cities around the World: Australian Dy PM

A day after India issued an advisory to Indian students living in and planning to study in Australia, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that her country is safe for all international students and that ‘acts of violence’ occur in big cities around the world.

Describing advisory as a matter for the Indian government, she said that Australia will continue to welcome students from that country.

She insisted that her country was a safe place for all international students.

“In big cities around the world we do see acts of violence from time to time; that happens in Melbourne, it happens in Mumbai, it happens in New York, it happens in London,” she was quoted as saying by ABC news.

“Any individual act of violence is obviously to be deeply regretted and our sympathies go to anyone who is harmed by an act of violence,” the minister said.

India issued an advisory yesterday asking its citizens studying or planning to study in Australia to take certain basic precautions to ensure their safety.

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