US Won’t Accept Nuclear North Korea: Gates

American Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said that the US will never accept a North Korea with nuclear weapons, arguing that the communist country now poses threats “even more lethal and destablising” than before.

Following a stop in Tokyo, Gates reached Seoul on Wednesday for a two-day visit to take part in annual defence ministers’ talks with South Korea.

At the US military headquarters in central Seoul, Gates told a group of American and South Korean troops: “There should be no mistaking that we do not today – nor will we ever – accept a North Korea with nuclear weapons.”

In his address, Gates also said that “the peril posed by the North Korean regime” has grown to be “even more lethal and destabilizing”.

Also, Gates said that the US has firm commitment to providing South Korea with deterrent against those threats “with the full range of military might, from the nuclear umbrella to conventional strike and missile defence capabilities”.

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