US Readying Benchmarks to Gauge Pak’s Success on Terror

Amid pressure from its lawmakers on lack of accountability clauses for US aid to Pakistan, the Obama administration has said that it is readying a set of ‘standards’ for Islamabad to assess its commitment and success in the war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

These benchmarks are being prepared by the different wings of US administration – the Pentagon and the Department of State, and some of them would soon be made public, official information said.

“We hope to make some of the benchmarks public. But there would be things, which we can’t release to the public,” the official said.

The process has not been completed yet, but is likely to be over soon, he said, adding: “We know it is important, so we are working hard on it. We hope to make the general benchmarks public.”

The step to set up standards was initiated after a number of lawmakers both from the House of Representatives and the US senate alleged that that there is no accountability measure for Pakistan in the Obama Administration’s proposal to give USD 7.5 billion civilian aid in next five years and another couple of billion of military assistance to the country.

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