US Prosecutors Object to Rana’s Assertion of Believing in Non-violence

Strongly objecting to Pakistani-born Canadian national and suspected Lashkar operative Tahawwur Hussain Rana’s assertion of believing in non-violence, US prosecutors have said that Rana admired and supported mass murderers, not non-violence.

Earlier, he had claimed that he believed in the principles of non-violence advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.

In an eight-page memo against Rana’s bail application filed in a US court in Chicago, US Attorney Patrick J Fitzgerald said that while seeking a bond defendant Rana has argued that he believes in non-violence, citing his membership of the Iqbal society.

“Rana has even gone so far as to claim to this Court that his beliefs are akin to those of Gandhi. He also claims to have been a dupe of (terror suspect David) Headley,” the memo submitted in US District Court of Illinois said.

Objecting strongly to it, the US Attorney said: “Ironically, in invoking the name of a man who embodied the principles of non-violence and speaking the truth, Rana seeks to mislead this Court as to the extent of his admiration and support for mass murderers.”

The US Justice Department claims that Rana was in the know of the Mumbai terror strikes in advance and was in close touch with Pakistani-American LeT operative Headley.

“Far from advocating non-violence, Rana’s own statements reveal his support for the brutal killing of 170 people. Rana was told of the attacks before they happened and offered compliments and congratulations to those who carried them out afterwards… it is quite clear that Rana is no Gandhi,” the US Attorney said.

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