Media Warns Obama Administration against Giving up Taliban War

US media has told Obama Administration that giving up its aim to beat Taliban will be a catastrophe for American interest and major allies like India, for militants are trying to get control over nuclear armed Pakistan.

According to Washington Post, when the once reluctant Pakistan Army is geared up to strike at the heart of the movement in Waziristan, the Obama administration is vacillating and reconsidering its strategy that would give up the US attempt to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“Adopting such a strategy would condemn American soldiers to fighting and dying without the chance of winning. But it would also cripple Pakistan’s fight against the jihadists,” the paper said.

It reported that Pakistan’s conflict with the Taliban has reached greater heights during the last ten days and moved towards a full scale war and the Taliban movement has held the initiative.

Pointing out that this weeks’ four major attacks demonstrated Taliban’s growing power and ambition, the Post said that this underlines the fact that the group no longer aims at controlling the ethnic Pashtun areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but at gaining control over a nuclear armed state.

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