US Enraged by Iran’s Firm Stand against West: Khamenei

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that the US is enraged by the country’s firm stand against the West, reported Press TV.

Khamenei said that remarks by the US and other officials indicate that the US was disappointed by the Iranian nation, said report.

“Outdated and absurd remarks, that Iran is building nuclear weapons, indicate that the enemies of the nation are continuing their propaganda (against Iran) in abject utter weakness.”

The Supreme Leader said that the huge turnout for the celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution rallies once again ‘frustrated and enraged the hegemonic powers, in particular, the United States’, said report.

He said that Iran’s resistance to the West set an example for the generation to come of how to face pressure by reliance on its own capability and a divine source, said report.

Khamenei said that Iran would not be affected by allegations against its nuclear works, for it has said that Iran deems the proliferation of nuclear weapons ‘forbidden’ and in direct opposition to Islamic belief, said report.

Contrary to the West’s major compaign, said the Supreme Leader, we continue to ‘awaken the spirit of dignity in the whole Islamic Umma as our nation’s efforts have led to the Islamic vigilance’ among other Muslim nations, report said.

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