US Embassy in Yemen Reopens

Bringing to an end a two-day closure forced by threats posed by an al-Qaeda offshoot, the US embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a opened its doors and resumed operations on Tuesday after stringent anti-terror action initiated by the local forces resulted in the killing of two militants on Monday.

In an announcement on its website, the embassy said Yemeni actions “have addressed a specific area of concern, and have contributed to the Embassy’s decision to resume operations.”

Meanwhile, staff members at the British embassy have reportedly returned to work but the mission remains closed for visitors.

Yemeni authorities said it had increased security measures around the embassies.

“There is nothing to fear from any threats of terror attack,” the ministry said in a statement. “Security is good in the capital and the provinces, and there is no fear for the lives of any foreigner or foreign embassy.”

The US and UK had shut down their embassies in Sana’a Sunday due to warnings of a possible attack launched by the ‘al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’ (AQAP), which recently claimed responsibility for a failed plot to blow up a US airliner over Detroit.

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