US Doublespeak: Pakistan ‘Treasured Friend’, India ‘Strategic Ally’

In what can be seen as a balancing act in its foreign policy, the US has described its ties with India “strategic and important” while calling Pakistan a “treasured friend and ally”.

The views of Obama administration about India and Pakistan came in two back to back press conference held at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the state department when queries were raised regarding relation to the Asian neighbours.

Richard Holbrooke, Special US Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, said that in view of Obama Administration, Pakistan is a “treasured friend and ally” which is in a situation where American succour is called for.

Shortly after, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly, said during his daily press briefing that “our relationship with India is strategic and important”.

“We are conducting our assistance with Pakistan in a very open and transparent way in general, with the public, with the media and with important strategic partners like India,” Kelly said when asked about New Delhi’s concerns about US aid to Pakistan.

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