US Authorities Working out Logistics of Headley’s Interrogation by Indians

Indian investigators are expected to get access to Pakistani-born American national and Laskhar operative David Coleman Headley as US authorities have begun working out logistics of where and when they can quiz Headley in connection with Mumbai terror attacks, said media reports quoting an FBI official.

“In the plea agreement, Headley did agree to meet with Indian authorities. I think right now we are just trying to work out the logistics and scheduling of that,” a Chicago FBI spokesman was quoted as saying.

He said that India requested for Headley’s interrogation which was expected to occur soon, reports said.

The FBI’s role in the case is to facilitate the interview that Headley agreed in his plea bargain.

“I am sure that will happen in the near future,” the official was quoted as saying

In response to the query as to who all would be present during Headley’s interrogation, he was quoted as saying, “All that is something that is going to be worked out.”

“Headley has retained counsel, that counsel is still representing him and obviously he is a party to all of this. I think that is one of the things that are being worked out with him and his attorney and all the other people who know of this. Who is going to participate in the interview, where is it going to be done, when is it going to be done, lot of questions need to be answered,” he was quoted as saying.

India is expected to get access to Headley within 30 days of sending a letter of request, which is being prepared.

US Ambassador Timothy J Roemer told Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram in New Delhi that the issue of access to Headley was being dealt with at the highest level in the Obama administration.

India has been seeking access to Headley, a Pakistani-origin American, to unravel details of his activities regarding the 26/11 attacks and plans for further strikes in this country.

(Based on media reports)

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