Two Uighurs Dead, One Injured in Police Shooting in Urumqi

Chinese police on Monday shot dead two Uighur men and wounded a third while attempting to break up, what correspondents, citing an official, described as a “violent incident.

Urumqi remained tense on Monday as residents ran into their homes and establishments, as police patrols waved guns and shouted.

Security deployment in the area is unprecedented and media reports suggest that armoured personnel carriers were backing the patrols.

Officials say that the police opened fire to after the three men attacked them when they tried to prevent the trio from assaulting a fourth with knives and iron rods in a Uighur dominated area.

“Police shot and killed two suspected lawbreakers and injured one suspected lawbreaker using legal means,” confirmed a government statement released in Xinjiang.

Correspondents cite a report on the state radio to confirm that those killed and injured belonged to the ethnic Uighur minority.

Separately, the Chinese launched blistering criticism against a section of the foreign media, for what it called biased reporting of the July 5 riot in Xinjiang.

Uighur leader’s in exile have repeatedly claimed that news reporting in the Chinese state run media were biased, at a support rally in the Japanese capital of Tokyo on Sunday, hundreds of Japanese signed an open letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao, urging him to put an end to anti-Uighur propaganda.

The rally was led by Ilham Mahmut, president of the Japan Uighur Association.

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