Two More Suspects Identified in Killing of Hamas Commander

Two more suspects have been identified in the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai, both of whom carried British passports, reported CNN citing police.

With this, the number of people who entered Dubai with British passports to allegedly participate in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a founding member of the military wing of the Palestinian Islamist movement, now stands at eight, report said.

The new revelation is expected to deepen concerns over how the killers got the passports, said report.

Only yesterday, the European Union had flayed what it said were brazen cases of identity theft.

Police said that a total of 18 people – 16 men and two women – were part of the squad the killed Mabhouh, said report.

Fifteen of them had European passports, eight British, five Irish, one French and one German, report said.

Two more were Palestinians and are being held by police in Dubai after being arrested in Jordan, said report, adding that the country of origin of the 18th passport has not been released.

According to officials, passport used are not fake or forged but authentic passports meant for other people, report said.

Last week, Dubai police chief said he is ‘99-percent’ certain that the Mossad, the secretive Israeli foreign intelligence unit, is behind al-Mabhouh’s killing.

European officials have been pressing Israel for answers.

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