Three Militants Killed in US Drone Attack in North-west Pak

At least three militants have been killed in missiles attack by a suspected US drone aircraft in north-west Pakistan, reported BBC citing security officials.

According to report, the missiles struck a compound in Tapi Tolkhel village, situated 15 km (nine miles) east of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan, by the Afghan border.

The drone strike occurred a day after US officials said that a top Taliban military commander was captured.

Officials said that Wednesday’s drone attack was the second one this week, said report.

They said that two people were injured in the strike, thought there was no information about the identity of those killed or injured in the attack, said report.

It may be mentioned that North and South Waziristan are known sanctuaries for al-Qaeda and Taliban militants.

US drones have repeatedly targeted these regions and there have been more than a dozen such strikes in 2010 alone.

The US has stepped up drone attacks in north-west Pakistan since a suicide bomber killed seven CIA agents across the border in Afghanistan in December.

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