Terror a Common Threat: Gilani

Terming terrorism as the common threat to both the nations, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has lauded Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his “statesmanship” and “bold vision of peace and prosperity” in the subcontinent.

Responding to Premier Singh’s statements in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Gilani said dialogue was the only way forward for peace in South Asia.

He said the two leaders held “useful talks and a good meeting of minds” when they met on the sidelines of the NAM summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on July 16.

In a statement issued in Islamabad, Gilani said: “We had agreed that terrorism was a common threat. We also agreed that dialogue is the only way forward.”

Premier Singh “has rightly emphasised the importance of an honourable settlement of the outstanding issues between India and Pakistan”. He also commended Singh for his “bold vision of peace and prosperity in South Asia and the statesmanship that he has demonstrated,” he added.

Singh, in a parliamentary debate on Wednesday, said it was “in our vital interest to make sincere efforts to live in peace with Pakistan” and stressed that India wanted good relations with its neighbour.

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