Taliban Disowns Responsibility for Afghan Explosion

The Taliban militants have denied responsibility for a colossal strike that killed and injured dozens of Afghan civilians in the southern city of Kandhar.

The Interior Ministry said that nearly 43 Afghan civilians were killed and 65 injured when a truck bomb was remotely blown up in Kandhar city on Tuesday at dusk. The strike was considered as the worst in more than a year.

“We are not responsible for the attack and we condemn it,” Taliban’s Qari Yousuf was quoted as saying by media.

“It could be a government propaganda, it is their job to find out who did this,” Yousuf said.

It may be noted that hours after the explosion, a Taliban field commander in neighboring Helmand province had sent a text message to a Reuters reporter owning responsibility.

Nevertheless, the Taliban leadership says that such claims are sometimes issued without authorisation.

The explosion squashed many houses and shops in the area and set ablaze a restaurant. Rescue workers are rummaging for injured people under the debris.

The Kandahar bomb also shattered a relative lull in violence since last Thursday’s election and the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

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