Six Arrested, Eight Killed as Lahore Siege Ends

Pakistani security forces are reported to have overpowered a group of gunmen who launched a deadly attack on the police training facility in the outskirts of Lahore on Monday. The forces are reported to have captured six and killed eight of the gunmen during the counter-offensive that lasted several hours.

Fresh reports say the number of dead in the well concerted attacks was 11, but correspondents suggest the toll may well spiral as bodies were still strewn along the campus.

Earlier reports had put the death toll at between 35 and 22.

Security forces including the army battled the gunmen for around eight hours. They managed to corner several on the top floor of a building on the compound, where the gunmen were holding some 35 hostages, said Associated Press attributing the information to Rao Iftikhar, a top government official in Punjab.

Iftikhar confirmed that six of the militants were arrested. Of the eight dead, two blew themselves up, he said.

Iftikhar said a more exact death toll from the attack will be made available later in the day.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack till the time of filing this report.

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