Roadside Bombing Kills Eight Afghans in Helmand

Eight security guards employed by a private security agency were killed while four others were wounded in yet another day of bombings in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry in Kabul, the bombs were triggered after being touched off by the vehicles carrying the guards, in the southern province of Helmand.

The statement added that the macabre incident occurred at 0800 hours (local time) when the two cars, ferrying the guards employed by Humayun Security Company, hit a remote control mine in Yakhchal area of Grishik district.

The document confirmed the deaths of at least eight guards and said four others were wounded. All the dead and wounded have been identified as Afghans.

The release blamed the roadside bombing, the latest in a series to rock the strife torn country, on enemies of Afghanistan.

Separately, a Defense Ministry statement said that at least one Taliban militant was killed and another wounded by the Afghan National Army (ANA) when a search party came in “contact” with rebels in the Helmand province.

A rebel mortar vehicle was also destroyed in the operation, while two more were confiscated, say correspondents.

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