Rana Says He Is Pak Army Deserter, So No Flight Risk

Moving a plea for bail, Pakistani-born Canadian national and suspected Lashkar operative Tahawwur Hussain Rana, who is under investigation for possible links to 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, has said that he is a deserter from the Pakistani army and so he is not a flight risk.

Rana, who was arrested for plotting attacks in Denmark and India, made the deserter plea before US District Judge Mathew Kennelly in a Chicago court and made a bond request that has already been denied by another federal judge.

Rana argued that he deserted the Paksitani army and is not welcome back in his native country, so he is not a flight risk and should be released on bond.

However, judge Kennelly deferred a decision on Rana’s bond pending a new indictment against the suspect, which, according to prosecutors, could come by Jan 14. That indictment could send the case to a different judge, hence the delay in ruling on bond.

Federal prosecutors say that he should remain in custody, for he knew about plans to commit terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008. The FBI had mentioned this in its affidavit filed in federal court.

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