Pakistan Bombards Suspected Taliban Hideouts

In its unstopped offensive, Pakistani army continued shelling on suspected Taliban stronghold on Thursday, amid reports that the US has for the first time shared data from its unmanned drones with Islamabad.

On the 18th successive day of attack, the army shelled suspected Taliban bases in the districts of Swat and Lower Dir in North-West Frontier Province.

A news agency quoted an unnamed security official as saying that militant hideouts were targeted in Dir and Swat and many of their hideouts were destroyed in mountains.

According to another military official, troops were 16km from Swat’s main town of Mingora, where Taliban fighters are in control.

In addition, army has released a video showing the shelling at suspected Taliban targets.

In the meanwhile, the number of civilians registering with UN camps after fleeing from conflict zone in Swat and Buner has gone up to nearly 834000.

Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said that the scale of the refugee crisis is overwhelming.

“Pakistan has no capacity to deal with these people and to provide them with the basic needs they require. The Pakistani people are in need of massive humanitarian support from the international community,” he said from the Swabi refugee camp on Thursday.
“If you look at the movement (of people from the war zone), it is indeed the biggest movement in present times. Massive humanitarian support is required or else there will be a humanitarian disaster.”

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