Pak Sharing Nuclear Secrets with Western Envoys

To dispel worries of the West that Pakistani nuclear warheads may be seized by militants given the recent Taliban insurgency in the country’s North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan’s senior civil and military officials are sharing tightly held information about the country’s nuclear weapons programme with western nations.

According to a senior western envoy in Islamabad, diplomats had been assured about the security in place for the weapons systems and also their distance from Taliban-held territory.

Authorities in Pakistan described this as a move to convince the west that its weapons would not fall into Taliban hands.

“We have renewed our pledge to keep our nuclear weapons safe,” said a senior Pakistani official.

He said that the briefings were aimed at “reassuring” the international community that there were adequate safety measures “to keep a complete lid on our weapons”.

Western diplomats said that a Taliban infiltration into Pakistan meant danger of militants coming close Pakistan to main nuclear installations but they doubted militants were capable of overwhelming heavily protected installations.

It should be noted that at the weekend, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, described the toppling of the Pakistani government and capture of nuclear weapons as “unthinkable”.

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