Pak Militants Shoot Down Drone

Militants in Pakistan reportedly shot down a suspected US drone aircraft on Saturday in the Angor Adda area of South Waziristan, the tribal dominated area along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan is a known militant haven.

Confusions, however, prevailed in the media over the authenticity of the report with at least one English language daily from India – The Hindu – quoted a Pakistan military spokesman as saying that the incident was not confirmed.

At least two of the unmanned remote controlled aircraft were reportedly flying low over the region when one of them was targeted by militant fire.

The drones are normally used by the US military to lock pin-pointed targets on militant hideouts in the region. The US military, however, neither confirms nor denies the reports.

On Saturday, the US forces denied having lost a drone to militant fire.

“We heard the firing by Taliban and then a drone fell down,” tribal police official Israr Khan was quoted as saying by AFP.

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