Pak Develops Second N-Strike Capability

Recent reports suggest that Pakistan has added to its nuclear stockpile and has developed second strike capability in the event of a nuclear war.

According to a US congressional report prepared by the Congressional Research Service, Pakistan has developed hard and deeply buried storage and launch facilities so that it can retain a second strike capability in a nuclear war.

The report, published in two parts, deals with Pakistan’s attempts to develop latest weapons in the first part and survival strategies in a nuclear war in the other part.

The report revealed that Islamabad has also developed road-mobile missiles, and reinforced its air defence around strategic nuclear sites.

The report also said that Pakistan is also adopting many clandestine measures to safe guard its nuclear assets.

In the report, it was mentioned that former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf had ordered the country’s nuclear arsenal be redeployed to ‘at least six secret new locations’ at the time when the United States was preparing to launch an attack on the Afghan Taliban after 9/11.

According to the report, South Asia had a very high risk of going to nuclear war in the 1999 Kargil war. It said that the Pakistani military had begun preparing nuclear-tipped missiles during the conflict, The Dawn reports.

In the recent times, several experts have expressed their concerns about misuse of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, with the Taliban consistently inching closer towards Islamabad.

They believe that while nuclear weapons are currently under firm control, with warheads disassembled, technology could be proliferated by insiders during a crisis.

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