Pak Army Kills 43 Suspected Terrorists Khyber Tribal Region

Pakistani Army has killed 43 suspected terrorists and demolished one of their bases in an ongoing operation in the Northwestern Khyber tribal region, said officials.

Terrorists often attack trucks along the famed Khyber Pass, one of the main routes used to ferry supplies to NATO and US forces in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Lashkar-e-Islam, the Taliban-affiliated terror group has been the chief target of the latest military offensive, which, according to officials, has killed many alleged terrorists.

The latest deaths were announced in a written statement by the paramilitary Frontier Corps.

“An important markaz (headquarters) of Lashkar-e-Islam being used as the hide-out and main training center was also destroyed in the action,” the statement said.

The far-flung region is largely inaccessible to journalists, so it is difficult to verify the information independently.

The offensive was initiated last month following a suicide bombing at a border checkpoint killed 19 police.

Tariq Hayat, the top government official in Khyber, said that the offensive would go on till all the terrorists are flushed from the region.

Pakistan is under intense US pressure to crack down on militants close to the Afghan border, especially the lawless tribal belt where Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is suspected to be hiding.

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