North Korea Tests 5 Short-Range Missiles

North Korea has launched five short-range missiles from its eastern coast and prohibited navigation around its coasts from October 10-20, reported South Korean press agency, Yonhap.

Media reports suggest that the navigation embargo could be seen as a pointer towards more tests between no0w and the end of the prohibitory orders.

Reacting to the tests, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Belfast, said the US position was “unaffected by the behavior of North Korea” and the US goal “remains the same” – to get the North to return to six-party talks.

Pyongyang had not conducted missile tests for three months, and had recently accepted to return to negotiations on its nuclear programme.

It is not clear if the launch of the five missiles, which took place on the eastern coast, is part of the country’s routine exercises.

North Korea’s nuclear test in May and the later launching of other missiles led to harsh sanctions on Pyongyang.

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