North Korea invited US for talk to ease tension

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei): North Korea has said that US must accept its offer for dialogue without preconditions if it wants to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Asia’s largest security forum includes the US, North Korea and the four other countries involved in long-stalled nuclear talks on ending North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in return for aid. US Secretary of State John Kerry had on Monday said that the US, South Korea, Japan and China North Korea’s chief ally were “absolutely united” in their insistence on a denuclearized North Korea.

Washington says Pyongyang must move in that direction before it will agree to talks, but North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun said during the conference on Tuesday that it is America that must act. “The US must positively respond to our sincere and courageous decision (to offer talks) without preconditions if it is truly interested in ending the vicious circle of intensifying tension on the Korean Peninsula and safeguarding peace and stability,” Pak said.

Pak said the US must sign a peace treaty with North Korea to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War and lift sanctions against the country, saying the North Korean nuclear standoff won’t be resolved unless the US changes its tone. The war ended with a cease-fire, not a peace treaty.


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