No Patronising but Partnerships with Europe: Obama

US President Barack Obama says the United States is not looking to be a patron of Europe but a partner, he added that his country would like to see European nations up defence capabilities and strengthen ties amongst each other.

President Obama was speaking in Strasbourg, France after talks with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Underlining strong French-US ties, President Sarokozy said the two leaders will meet again in June in Normandy to commemorate the anniversary of the allied landing.

Sarkozy welcomed the recent announcement made by President Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev on plans to resume talks on extending a treaty limiting long-range nuclear arms.

While stressing the importance of dialogue with Russia, President Obama criticized Moscow’s invasion into Georgia last year. He also underlined the need to preserve the autonomy of all European nations.

The heads of state also highlighted the need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weaponry and convincing North Korea to stop an impending missile launch.

President Obama is in Strasbourg ahead of a two-day NATO summit.

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