Mousavi Calls For Peaceful Demonstration

Mir Hossein Mousavi, the defeated candidate in Iran’s presidential election, has called on supporters to demonstrate peacefully or assemble in mosques on Thursday to express solidarity with people killed in post-election turbulence.

According to state media, at least seven people were killed in a vast opposition protest on Monday in central Tehran.

“In the course of the past days and as a consequence of illegal and violent encounters with (people protesting) against the outcome of the presidential election, a number of our countrymen were wounded or martyred,” Musavi said on his website.

“I ask the people to express their solidarity with the families …. by coming together in mosques or taking part in peaceful demonstrations,” Mousavi said.

He said that he would also take part, but did not give details on when and where. Also, the statement did not say if any demonstrations would be held on Wednesday.

Following Saturday’s announcement of presidential vote, in which hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared as re-elected, triggered clashes between supporters of the two leaders. Mousavi called the election as ‘rigged’.

After Monday’s deaths, Mousavi had urged followers to call off a planned rally in the same downtown area the following day.

Tens of thousands of his supporters marched instead on Tuesday in northern Tehran and many of them to the state television IRIB building, which was ringed by riot police, witnesses said.

Some were sending messages to others to meet again on Wednesday for a rally at Tehran’s central Haft-e Tir Square.

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