Melbourne Bar Denies Entry to Three Indians

With attacks on Indians continuing in Australia, a Melbourne bar denied entry to a group of six South Asians, three of them Indians, in what has been described by them as ‘a case of racism’, reported PTI.

“We had gone to the bar to throw a farewell party for one of our friends, Abhishek Aggarwal, who is about to leave for India on Wednesday,” Sujan Pathak, a Nepalese citizen who was part of the group, was quoted as saying.

Report said that he told that the Melbourne Centre Lion Hotel turned them away without giving any explanation.

Pathak was quoted as saying that the group of friends – three Indians and three Nepalese, all of them in their mid-20s – just wanted to know the reason for this and contacted police who declined to help them on the issue.

It should be mentioned that all bars in Melbourne display a notice outside that they can turn away any customer without giving any explanation.

“We tried to get into the bar, there were so many guys in front of us and right behind us as well in the queue. They denied us (entry), said ‘you guys can’t get in’,” Aggarwal told NDTV over phone after the late last night incident.

“We were not drunk, we were carrying our age proof, we were properly attired. But still they said ‘you guys can’t get in’. They didn’t give us any reason. We waited there for 10 minutes. All other guys were getting in… but we were not allowed to go inside.

“We called police and asked them for help. We told them this is a case of racism, because I don’t see any other reason for not letting us in,” he said.

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