LTTE Tried to Acquire Nuclear Weapons from West: Rebel Chief

The detained LTTE chief Kumaran Pathmanathan, making a revelation that would leave anybody started, has told investigators that tigers had attempted to acquire nuclear weapons against the Sri Lankan army.

According to media reports, Pathmanathan, arrested recently in Thailand, revealed that his organization had tried to get nuclear weapons and technology from western countries.

“LTTE had been the first terrorist outfit that had tried to obtain nuclear power. Had they been successful in obtaining nuclear power, it would have flowed into the hands of other terror organisations too,” a newspaper said quoting military analysts.

“Pathmanathan has revealed that the arms purchased with the money collected were shipped to the LTTE. How he purchased anti-aircraft missiles from arms dealers in the USA has been disclosed,” the newspaper said.

In the meanwhile, cabinet minister in the Sri Lankan government, Karuna Amman, said that it might be difficult now for rebels to find a successor to Pathmanathan.

“They (LTTE) can’t do anything because all international networks were controlled by KP himself,” Amman said.

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