Long Jail Term to Assailants of Indian Doctor in Australia

An Australian court, taking strong action against street violence aiming Indians, has served a long jail term on three attackers of an eminent Indian origin doctor, whom one of the assailants had hit with a baseball bat in a fashion as if he was ‘hitting a cricket six”.

Victoria’s Haikerwal State County Court Judge Joe Gullaci announced a jail term of18-and-a-half years with a minimum of 13-and-a-half years to 20-year-old Alfer Azzopardi, who bashed Mukesh Hairkerwal with serious blows with a baseball bat,

When incident occurred on September 27 last year, Haikerwal, a former chief of Australian Medical Association, was walking through a park in the bayside suburb of Williamstown.

The court was told that Haikerwal’s skull was heard to crack after Azzopardi took a swing like he was ‘hitting a six at cricket’, causing a severe head injury to the doctor.

Mukesh Haikerwal, however, said that he takes ‘no comfort’ from jail terms for his attackers who inflicted such injuries that he lost a piece of his brain and had to relearn how to walk and talk.

“I take no comfort that (the men) have been sentenced to jail terms,” The Age quoted him as saying.

“The community has to be protected, feel safe and secure to go about their daily lives in safety and security, not fearing for their lives, their friends’ lives or their neighbours’.”

“Violence is something we cannot tolerate in our community. I think (this sentence) shows police have investigated and police work is seen to have some value.”

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