Lanka Fires Doctor for Divulging Civilian Toll

Acting fastly, the Sri Lankan government fired the doctor who told the media that as many as 300 civilians were lying in the Mullaittivu hospital

According to the claims of Colombo, the doctor, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Shanmugaraja, was not a registered medical practitioner. The Lankan government also refuted the claims made by Shanmugaraja.

Needless to mention, international agencies have been criticising Sri Lanka for not paying heed to their calls to halt fire in view of the large number of civilians who have been caught between the Lankan army and the LTTE. Sri Lanka has also not allowed humanitarian observers from entering the war zone.

Meanwhile, the Tamil tigers issued a statement blaming India, the UN and the US for not insisting on a negotiated political settlement.

“The international community wants Tamils to embrace eviction into detention centres. India, the US and the UN ignored rights issues to evict Tamils into detention centres,” the statement said.

Earlier, thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils staged protests in the US, the UK and Canada seeking an end to the violence in Sri Lanka.

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