Karzai Sworn-in for Second Term

Facing allegations of election fraud and renewed US criticism over corruption, Hamid Karzai was sworn-in President of Afghanistan for a second five-year term on Thursday.

Karzai’s inauguration comes amid rising insurgency scales and an impending US decision to draft more troops to the war-ravaged nation.

“I swear to obey and safeguard the provisions of the sacred religion of Islam, to observe the constitution and other laws of Afghanistan and supervise their implementation,” Karzai said in presence of dozens of foreign and Afghan dignitaries at his palace in Kabul.

He pledged that the Afghan army and police to take responsibility for the country’s security over the next three to five years and also promised to crack down on rampant corruption in his government.

The remarks received a warm applause from Hillary Clinton, who a day earlier, while pledging support to the new government, had called for serious results against corruption.

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