Jacksons Divided over Michael’s Will, Resting Place: Reports

Controversies surrounding Michael Jackson refuse to rest in peace, nearly a month after his death media reports suggest that the star’s family is haunted by several issues, including that of his will, which was filed before the Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this month, and a final resting place for his mortal remains.

The will names Jackson family attorney John Branca, accountant Barry Siegel and friend John McClain as co-executors for the Michael Jackson Trust.

According to media reports, Michael’s mother, Katherine, has hired attorney Londell McMillan, with the intent of challenging Branca, Siegel and McClain’s authority to execute the trust.

The reports cite sources to suggest that Katherine may challenge the co-executors’ control through McMillan, a move that has miffed most of MJ’s siblings.

According to the reports, Katherine’s decision to hire McMillan was influenced by her husband, Joe. Who, incidentally, did not find mention in the 2002 will which names Katherine as the sole guardian of Michael’s three children.

Other members in the Jackson family are worried that the trust would suffer due to the expenses due to the legal battle.

With a long wound battle over his estate imminent, Michael’s family is yet to decide on a final resting place for the sensational star.

Another report, citing a source said that the Jackson family hasn’t yet decided on a final resting place for Michael’s body, but added that the household could reach an agreement in the near future.

Jackson’s body remains temporarily buried at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park, which could end up as his final resting place, if his family fails to reach an agreement on the matter.

Meanwhile, in a televised interview on Monday, Michael’s father Joe Jackson said that he had never abused the dead star and claimed to have raised him, the right way.

In a 2003 interview Michael had said that, as a child, he was routinely abused by his father.

Joe said that he was not hurt by Michael’s decision to exclude him from his will and reiterated that he suspected foul play to have been involved in his son’s death.

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